Thursday, May 15, 2014

A little update.

May 15,2014

I've been terrible about posting lately.. Sorry Grandma! :) 
Life around our house has been busy busy! 
Here's What we've been up to:

Alex has been working so hard in all of his classes. He just finished the semester with straight A's! Now he is studying all day, every day for the DAT test (dental admission test)- He takes it at the end of June. 
On June 1st he can start applying for dental school! 
We have been working hard on getting everything he will need together for his application.

{Easter 2014}

Delaynie is a busy 15 month old. She is walking everywhere, and loves to keep us on our toes. I loved celebrating Mother's day with her this year. She is so much fun! Here is a little about her:
She is in love with the movie 'Frozen'. When she tries to sing the song, she says "Go!!" (Let it Go)
She is shy around new people and prefers to stick with Mom and Dad. Although she does well at babysitters, sometimes only crying for a minute when we drop her off.
She likes to comb her hair, and always wants makeup on when Mom is doing hers. 
She has a favorite pair of shoes. 
She has a growing vocabulary! She says: hi, bye, no, yes, more (with sign), milk (with sign), eat (with sign), shoes, uh-oh, yuck ("kuk"), please ("eese" with sign), Thank you ("Dank do"), Mama, dada.. and I'm sure there is more. She is always jabbering!
She has the sweetest little personality.
Swinging is one of her most favorite things. She could swing for hours.
She points at everything!
She is Mom's little buddy, and Daddy's twin.

{San Jose visit- March 2014}

Delaynie and I went to visit my sister and her family in March when their baby girl was born! I played Mom of 3 while Linds was in the hospital. I got a glimpse into the future with school pick up, and making bigger dinners. It was fun! (but I'm happy to wait.. )
My Mom came too. It was so fun to spend some time with her. Delaynie loves Grammy!
Here are a few pictures from our trip:

 Delaynie and Tyler
 Kailey Lynn Bell
 I could hold a newborn for hours..
Cousins meeting for the first time!

That's about all that is new around these parts! Wish us luck during this very busy year!

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