Thursday, May 15, 2014

A little update.

May 15,2014

I've been terrible about posting lately.. Sorry Grandma! :) 
Life around our house has been busy busy! 
Here's What we've been up to:

Alex has been working so hard in all of his classes. He just finished the semester with straight A's! Now he is studying all day, every day for the DAT test (dental admission test)- He takes it at the end of June. 
On June 1st he can start applying for dental school! 
We have been working hard on getting everything he will need together for his application.

{Easter 2014}

Delaynie is a busy 15 month old. She is walking everywhere, and loves to keep us on our toes. I loved celebrating Mother's day with her this year. She is so much fun! Here is a little about her:
She is in love with the movie 'Frozen'. When she tries to sing the song, she says "Go!!" (Let it Go)
She is shy around new people and prefers to stick with Mom and Dad. Although she does well at babysitters, sometimes only crying for a minute when we drop her off.
She likes to comb her hair, and always wants makeup on when Mom is doing hers. 
She has a favorite pair of shoes. 
She has a growing vocabulary! She says: hi, bye, no, yes, more (with sign), milk (with sign), eat (with sign), shoes, uh-oh, yuck ("kuk"), please ("eese" with sign), Thank you ("Dank do"), Mama, dada.. and I'm sure there is more. She is always jabbering!
She has the sweetest little personality.
Swinging is one of her most favorite things. She could swing for hours.
She points at everything!
She is Mom's little buddy, and Daddy's twin.

{San Jose visit- March 2014}

Delaynie and I went to visit my sister and her family in March when their baby girl was born! I played Mom of 3 while Linds was in the hospital. I got a glimpse into the future with school pick up, and making bigger dinners. It was fun! (but I'm happy to wait.. )
My Mom came too. It was so fun to spend some time with her. Delaynie loves Grammy!
Here are a few pictures from our trip:

 Delaynie and Tyler
 Kailey Lynn Bell
 I could hold a newborn for hours..
Cousins meeting for the first time!

That's about all that is new around these parts! Wish us luck during this very busy year!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

12 Months

January 31,2014
Delaynie- 12 Months!

Aw, my heart hurts a little bit writing this post! 12 months?! How can that be! ONE YEAR OLD!
As much as I'm sad that she's growing so fast, I'm LOVING the stage she's in now. I know it will also just keep getting better. Bring it on! 

Current Stats: 
Height 28 in (estimated)
Weight 20 lbs

She signs 'milk' perfectly, and is getting better with 'All done'
She's getting mighty independent! Recently she's been into batting the spoon full of food away right when it gets to her mouth. We soon discovered it was because she wanted to do it herself. So we gave her the spoon and she immediately reached to put it in the bowl of food, and brought it to her mouth. It amazes me every day how fast she learns!
She hates it when we put a shirt over her head.. This makes getting her dressed pretty difficult sometimes..
She babbles all day long. Sometimes I swear I hear real words in there!
She's a quick little crawler- she likes to look back at us and get us to chase her.
She loves the dishwasher! In fact she burst into full hysterics when I closed it tonight
She loves books and is starting to get the idea of sitting and letting me read them instead of putting them in her mouth
She still points at everything- party city was a blast the other day
She reaches out to us for us to pick her up
She tries to climb on the dog
She has been a little more snuggle-y lately- OH HOW I LOVE THIS!!
She points her toes and does ankle circles when she's just laying around
She loves Elmo and Sesame Street

Friday, January 17, 2014

11 Months

December 31,2013
Happy New Year!
Delaynie is 11 months old!
This little beauty is growing by leaps and bounds

Milestones/ accomplishments:
Climbing on everything
pulling herself up to everything
crawling everywhere and getting in to everything (see a pattern yet?)
She's getting out all of our movies as I type.
If she is awake, she's babbling. Unless you're new. She's still a little shy around new people.
She thinks its fun to throw food for the dog.
She is signing (most of the time)  "all done" and "milk"
We're still working on "more" and "please"
She loves music, and will bounce along if she sees you doing it too.
on that note, she will actually copy you on a lot of things.
She's showing more of an interest in books which I LOVE! I was actually able to make it through the whole book of Goodnight Moon before she tried to put it in her mouth.. that's progress folks. 
She gets bored riding in the car lately... oh how I can not wait to get her in a forward facing car seat
She is still eating everything, and gets mad when we don't give her what we're eating.
She is still sleeping well, and loves baths.
Every day she learns something new- I'm loving this stage!

December 20,2013
We got a snow day while we were in Seattle! 
Delaynie's first time in the snow. 
She liked it!

 This hat is from Aunt Ally! I think it's so dang adorable!
 This pup often thought Delaynie was another puppy to play with.. He knocked her down. She cried.
Then he started getting really cold out there so I cuddled him. Could he be any cuter?!

Christmas Eve/ Morning

December 24,2013 
December 25, 2013
 I think she looks like a little boy here- ha ha! But she's still so cute!

Cousins opening their Christmas jammies together!
 It was so fun to have these kids together! 
She liked the wrapping paper!

Christmas Morning:

 Daddy and Delaynie
 Mommy and Delaynie

 Opening Presents!
 Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Festivities

December 2013
Christmas in Seattle

This year is the first year since moving to Arizona that we've been able to come to my home town for Christmas! I've been looking forward to this all year! 

Delaynie's first plane ride was a little rocky. She was SO tired, and she's in the stage right now where she really just wants to crawl around- hard to do on a plane! So she was squirmy and fussy, but NOT screaming. Thank goodness! She crashed as soon as we got her into her car seat.
When she saw the lights outside, she pressed her forehead against the window to get a better look. 

We've been seeing lots of my old friends while here. It has been so fun! 
First we saw Anjelina. Oh how I've missed this girl!

Next we saw Heather!
Her and her family were like a second family to me growing up. I have such a special place in my heart for them.

silly faces!

The next day, my friend Andie surprised me with a quick visit while on her lunch break. I haven't seen this girl in years! It was such a treat. 

Christmas Eve morning, we got another visitor- My friend Derek and his cute wife Morgan. I grew up with Derek and we have been good friends for years. His wife is awesome and it was fun to meet her in person instead of just over the internet! 

Amongst seeing all these friends, we had a busy weekend full of family. Our house was hoppin' with game nights, movies, kids playing and lots of food! Here are some pictures of our activities:
Briana plays bingo with the littles
 Watching movies with Grammy and Granddad
game table
That sums up the first half of our trip!
There will be many more pictures of our trip- including Christmas Eve, Christmas morning and Delaynie in her Christmas dress so stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10 months

November 30,2013
Delaynie- 10 months

We have a ton to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. (Well every Thanksgiving!) This little babe is one of the biggest blessings ever for us. 
I can't believe she will be a year old in a couple months! 

Milestones/ accomplishments:
She is officially mobile! She is army crawling like a champ, and loves to explore wherever she is.
She has started clapping! I can tell that she is also trying to [kind of] start copying me when I do different signs. ('More', 'all done')
She does not like to keep her socks on, and pulls them off as fast as she can.
There isn't a food that she wont eat. She loves food!
She babbles a lot. Her vocabulary is growing and includes "Dada" "Mama" "Nana" and lots of shrieking. (Which this mama isn't thrilled about)
She still loves bath time, and loves when we sing her the "Rubber Ducky" song. 
She really loves music in general!
She also stands very well when she has something to hold on to!

This girl gets more and more fun every single day. I just love her to pieces!


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